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    Hickory Smoked Smokehouse Turkey

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      Hickory Smoked Smokehouse Turkey

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      Take out the fine china and polish the silverware. Only the best will do for this savory, broad-breasted bird! Each tender whole turkey is hand-selected, fully cooked, and smoked to the peak of hickory perfection. Simply order the size needed to fit your special gathering and enjoy.
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      Fully cooked - best served at room temperature. To serve warm, wrap in foil, heat in 325 degree oven for approximately 10 minutes per pound. Be careful not to overcook! Smoked poultry meat has a pink hue, which is a normal result of our curing process.
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      NO Leftovers
      BILL H.
      I ordered this item for Thanksgiving and at the end of the day, the only thing left was the bones!!! The dark meat was as delicious as the white meat!!The Hickory Smocked Smokehouse Turkey was such a hit at Thanksgiving that I am ordering another one for Christmas.
      THE BEST!!
      I know I am a little late in rating this item, but I ordered this Turkey for Christmas and even the most finicky eater of the bunch absolutely loved it. I am ordering another one RIGHT NOW in March!! Why wait till Thanksgiving??
      KELLY G.
      Always the most tasty and MOIST turkey. Nobody tops these guys. We will be getting two a year for as long as they have their doors open!
      THE BEST TURKEY EVER!!!!!!!!!
      I purchased one these birds for Thanksgiving this year to save myself some time. Everyone could not believe how good and tasty this smoked bird is. My husband and I are not really big on turkey not one of our favorites. We could not get enough of this turkey. It was so good cold the next day even the pickest kids could not stop nibbling this tasty treat. We love it, an instant tradition!!!!! Thank you, Tish C.C. TX.
      Smoked Turkey
      DEBRA D.
      This was the best smoked turkey we have ever ordered. It was a huge hit with the whole family. I will never bake another turkey again. A new Thanksgiving tradition has begun, thank you!
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