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Product Questions

How do I keep my jerky fresh?

Until you are ready to eat your jerky, store it in your freezer. This will help retain the freshness of the product. If you choose, you can leave the jerky in your pantry until opened. This product is considered Shelf Stable. Once a package has been opened, store the jerky in the refrigerator to ensure freshness.

Can your products be refrozen?

Yes, New Braunfels Smokehouse products may be refrozen and stored in your freezer for 3-6 months.

What items do you carry that aren’t cured?

We offer several items that are not cured: Smoked Boneless Pork Loin, Uncured Peppered Turkey Breast, Brisket, Ribs, Bratwurst, Pheasants, and Applewurst.

How long can your products be kept in the refrigerator?

New Braunfels Smokehouse products may be kept unopened in your refrigerator for 1 month. If you don’t plan to serve them within that time frame, please place them in your freezer where they will keep for 3-6 months.

Why is jerky so expensive?

Our jerky is a little more expensive than other brands because of the high quality of meat used and the labor intensive way that the jerky is produced. All of our beef jerky is cut from the beef round and carefully trimmed by hand to remove fat and gristle, leaving only pure lean meat. It takes three pounds of raw beef to produce one pound of jerky. It may cost a little more, but at New Braunfels Smokehouse you get what you pay for – high quality, great tasting jerky.

Do you include preparation and serving instructions with your packages?

We include handling and preparation instructions in each package shipped from our facility. That information may also be found on our website by clicking Handling and Serving Suggestions.

Are your hams city hams or country hams?

All of our hams are City Hams. They are injected with a cure, not dry rubbed.

What kind of casings do you use for your sausages?

All of our sausages utilize natural hog casings, with the exception of our mini links, which utilize collagen casings, and our chubs, which use mahogany casings. The mahogany casings must be removed before consuming the product.

Are the images displayed photos of the actual product?

Yes. The photos in our catalog and on our website are images of actual New Braunfels Smokehouse products. Side dishes, garnishes, utensils, etc. shown in the photos are for illustrative purposes and are not included with the product.

Should I remove the product packaging before preparation and serving?

Yes. Please remove all packaging before cooking or serving the product.

What if I’m not satisfied with the products that I receive?

The New Braunfels Smokehouse guarantees that you must be completely satisfied, or we will make it right - with an appropriate exchange or refund. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-537-6932 or help@nbsmokehouse.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding our guarantee. We regret that we cannot extend our Unconditional Guarantee to orders for which we have been given an incorrect delivery address or that have been shipped to a P.O. Box address.

Does New Braunfels Smokehouse sell gift certificates?

We certainly do! For your convenience, we offer two types of gift certificates. Our electronic gift certificates are emailed to the recipient within 24-48 hours and are the perfect gift when you’re pressed for time! Our standard, full-color gift certificates are mailed to the recipient with a copy of our latest catalog via our standard shipping method. Gift certificates are redeemable through our catalog or online.

What happens if you are out of a size of a certain product that I’ve ordered?

We try to ship sizes specified by you. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value, if necessary. If a substitution is made, your satisfaction is still guaranteed or your money back.