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Smoked Bratwurst

A tasty blend of lightly seasoned lean pork and beef. Excellent charcoal broiled or grilled for lunch or dinner.
Smoked Bratwurst 1 lb. Package Item No. 1801 $11.95

Cooking Instructions

Fully cooked. To bring out the best flavor, sausages can be either steamed, broiled, fried, or grilled.

Customer Reviews

5 / 5Average Star Rating

These Smoked Bratwurst are simply Outstanding!


Customer Rating: 5

“Bought these a few months back and dropped them in the freezer. Let em thaw out, put in a cast iron skillet with some onions and oyster mushrooms, set the temp on medium heat, put a lid on the skillet, and 40 minutes later it was as if Angels started to sing, or Demons started to screech (depends on how you look at things). :P These are outstanding in every way, and I highly recommend them. I am glad I grabbed 4 lbs of them.”