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Sweet Fire Pickles

Our signature bread-and-butter pickles with a fiery twist! one of our best sellers!
Sweet Fire Pickles 16 oz. Jar Item No. SFP $10.95

Cooking Instructions

No cooking necessary. Refrigerate after opening.

Customer Reviews

5 / 5Average Star Rating

Best Pickles Ever


Customer Rating: 5

“I love sweet pickles and then I tried these sweet fire pickles a few years back and have been hooked on them. Keep bringing the fire my friends.”

Sweet fire pickles


Customer Rating: 5

“I love these pickles. I put them on my hot dog and I have Chicago-style hot dogs by just adding mustard. It is the pickle and hot peppers all in one. Give it a try.”

The. Best.


Customer Rating: 5

“Seriously the best pickles ever. No really. Sweet, with heat, they are perfect on anything or just straight out of the jar.”

I Love These Pickles


Customer Rating: 5

“These pickles were the best I ever ate, was given to me by my grandson who works at a place who got them in a box of some kind of order and he gave me the jar. I almost ate the whole jar at one time. I would like to buy several jars at a time, but they are not for sale at my local stores here. Please try to get them on the market here. I live in Sandusky, Ohio. Thank you so much.”

Sweet Fire Pickles


Customer Rating: 5

“These are fabulous! Put on hamburgers, mix in a salad, as a "finger' snack, and ENJOY! They add favor and zest! I shared with a friend and he insisted on taking some home!”