Venison & Pork Ring

This delicious, lean sausage is made from an old German recipe and uses venison from farm raised deer. Although these rings are ready to eat, you may want to hang them and let them dry for a few days like the old-timers do.
Venison & Pork Ring 12 oz. Ring Item No. 1V697 $11.95This item must be purchased in multiples of 3.

Cooking Instructions

No cooking necessary. Refrigerate after opening.

Customer Reviews

5 / 5Average Star Rating

Wonderful Venison Sausage


Customer Rating: 5

“This is a great smoked sausage. It reminds me of the dried venison sausage I loved when I was growing up in San Antonio. Like the description says, it is a true german style sausage with great venison flavor with a hint of black pepper and garlic.”

venison sausage!


Customer Rating: 5

“This is a wonderful smoked venison sausage! It's a delicious blend of venison and pork with the accent on the venison. It reminds me of the dried venison sausage I loved as a child. You could only get that one when someone went hunting. A delightfully authentic sausage with absolutely no vinegar or processed taste. I've served it diced in scrambled eggs, added it to huevos rancheros, and sliced with crackers and tasty smoked cheese! Use your imagination, it's truly wonderful!”