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Smoked Beef Brisket

Hand-trimmed, expertly seasoned, and smoked to perfection - this best seller is crafted from the lean flat cut, famous for its beefy flavor and tender bite. Hand-cracked pepper and our signature spices impart a rich, savory undertone that mingles with the brisket's smoky edges to deliver a savory experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. (This is a meaty, flavorful lean brisket.)
4 - 6 lbs. Item No. 975 $127.95
2 - 3 lbs. Item No. 972 $90.95
2 - 3 lb. Brisket with a 14 oz. Bottle of BBQ Sauce Item No. 972B $95.95
4 - 6 lb. Brisket with a 14 oz. Bottle of BBQ Sauce Item No. 975B $132.95

Cooking Instructions

Fully cooked - Delicious served cold. To serve warm, wrap in foil & heat in 325 degree oven for approximately 10 minutes per pound.

Customer Reviews

4.9 / 5Average Star Rating

Smoked Beef Brisket


Customer Rating: 5

“That's the best beef brisket I've ever tasted. Bar none. Well done. I'll be a repeat customer.”

Beef smoked brisket.


Customer Rating: 5

“A friend gifted us a wonderful gift basket from your company. It was all wonderful! The best was the smoked brisket! My son had the last of it for breakfast and lunch. It was so easy to reheat.”

Best Brisket


Customer Rating: 5

“We received this brisket as a thank you from friends! It was the best brisket we have ever had! Very tender and excellent flavor!”

Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket


Customer Rating: 5

“I wanted to send our son in California some Texas BBQ and because of the great reviews, I decided on New Braunfels Smokehouse. I wasn't disappointed. It shipped on time and arrived on time. Our son said that the brisket was perfect, and the ice packs were still frozen. I ordered a 5-7 lb. brisket, and it was over 10 lbs. He said it was delicious. I'm sure I will order again. Thank you!”

AMAZING brisket!!!!!


Customer Rating: 5

“Transplanted Texan here - good brisket does not exist where I currently live. I ordered this brisket with sauce. Look, I realize that it's criminal to put sauce on good brisket but I hedged my bets since I didn't know if the brisket would be any good. THIS BRISKET IS AMAZING. Tender, thick smoke ring, just enough fat cap for great flavor. Great as is, although I'm thinking a sandwich with fresh sliced jalepenos and some cheddar cheese might be in order. (Tasted the sauce - will be great on chicken!)”