Smoked Bratwurst

A tasty blend of lightly seasoned lean pork and beef. Excellent charcoal broiled or grilled for lunch or dinner.
Smoked Bratwurst 1 lb. Package Item No. 1801 $11.95This item must be purchased in multiples of 3.

Cooking Instructions

Fully cooked. To bring out the best flavor, sausages can be either steamed, broiled, fried, or grilled.

Customer Reviews

5 / 5Average Star Rating

A Fabulous Sausage for Any Meal!


Customer Rating: 5

“These smoked bratwurst sausages are fabulous for any meal. Great as a breakfast sausage, wonderful for lunch in a bun or on toast, fabulous in soups and stews. A must have in my freezer for so many uses.”



Customer Rating: 5

“Take these beautiful brats, char them on a grill, cut up a red pepper, yellow onion, put in cast iron skillet add 16oz of a lager beer, put a lid on it and return to hot grill until onion and pepper are caramelized and beer is cooked off. Toast a bun, add relish and mustard or condiment of your choice. It's as close to heaven as you get. I'm ordering more now. Thanks for great products!”

These Smoked Bratwurst are simply Outstanding!


Customer Rating: 5

“Bought these a few months back and dropped them in the freezer. Let em thaw out, put in a cast iron skillet with some onions and oyster mushrooms, set the temp on medium heat, put a lid on the skillet, and 40 minutes later it was as if Angels started to sing, or Demons started to screech (depends on how you look at things). :P These are outstanding in every way, and I highly recommend them. I am glad I grabbed 4 lbs of them.”