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Deluxe Sampler Item No. 65

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Geat client gifts!


Customer Rating: 5

“We've sent the Deluxe Sampler to our business clients the past 2 - 3 years in December. We've received a lot of good responses from them saying they appreciate it very much and look forward to it each year.”

Great gift:


Customer Rating: 5

“I have sent this several times to my kids in N.C. They can hardly wait for the next one to arrive. I tell them to get on the Web site but no, then they would have to pay for it. More fun and less expensive for them when mama does it and it makes it more special. They rave about it. I like the simplicity of ordering it and NB sending out. Wonderful for the receiver and the giver.”

Shop Guy's Love This


Customer Rating: 5

“I telecommute from my home in Dallas while working for a company in MI. I send one of these to the shop up there every year and the guys and gals just love it. Saves them some lunch money for a couple of days and gives the Michigander's a great taste of Texas!”

Excellent for employee gifts


Customer Rating: 5

“More Space Place Plano gave this to carpenters to convey gratitude for their hard work. They raved!! It was a huge success for encouraging commitment. ”

Excellent Gift Package


Customer Rating: 5

“We sent the Deluxe Sampler to our 91 year old grandfather. He is extremely hard to satisfy. He called to thank us for the excellent gift. He especially liked the ham, turkey and cheese. He also mentioned the mustard was very good. Normally he finds something wrong with every gift we send, but not this one! We will definitely order again soon. ”

Great Variety Sampler


Customer Rating: 5

“This is a great sampler, with lots of variety and at a good price. The sliced turkey and ham are delicious! You get enough of each to make four sandwiches. The beef snack links and jerky are wonderful and the cheese and mustard are to die for! My least favorite was the salami (I'm just not a salami fan) and the pork tenderloin. The tenderloin had a good taste, but it was a little tough. But all in all an excelent selection that I think anyone will enjoy.”