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The Outdoorsman

Item No. 52

For those who do their workin’ and playin’ in the Great Outdoors, we have just the thing for midday break. The Outdoorsman offers five hearty favorites fresh from our hickory-fired smokers, each with a flavor as big as all outdoors. Each hand-picked selection is packed with essential protein and of course, that smoky goodness that can only come from New Braunfels Smokehouse. Even if you come home empty-handed, The Outdoorsman makes a great day even better!
  • 8 oz. Pork Tender
  • 4 oz. Peppered Beef Jerky
  • 12 oz. Cheddar Jalapeno Summer Sausage
  • 8 oz. Mini Bismarkians®
  • 12 oz. Venison & Pork Sausage Ring
Ready to eat; serves 10 to 15.
The Outdoorsman Item No. 52 $42.95

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